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*Prohibited Advertisements:
Concessionaire shall not sell nor display advertising that:
  • Contains profanity or obscenity;
  • Promotes the use or sale of tobacco or illegal substances;
  • Promotes the use or sale of liquor, unless otherwise expressly authorized by the STATE in its discretion;
  • Promotes the use or sale of pornography;
  • Promotes the use or sale of weapons;
  • Promotes unlawful goods or services;
  • Promotes or encourages unlawful conduct;
  • Promotes or encourages “Adult” oriented goods or services (e.g. adult book stores, adult video stores, films rated “X”, adult telephone services, strip clubs, adult internet sites, etc.); political campaign speeches; or implies or declares an endorsement by the State, without prior written authorization of the State;
  • Contains any material in violation of applicable laws, including and without limitation to laws regulating copyrights, trademarks and other forms of intellectual property;
  • Is deceptive or misleading;
  • Depicts, promotes, or suggests explicit sexual acts (through words, innuendo, connotation, images, and the like);
  • Depicts, promotes, or suggests acts of violence (through words, innuendo, connotation, images, and the like)
  • Is demeaning or disparaging to any individual or group;
  • Contains disparaging remarks regarding airports, airlines, airport tenants, U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Transportation Security Administration, and other federal agencies working on the Airport, or services or products provided by any of them (e.g. delays, on-time performance, luggage handling, ticketing, security screening, good quality, etc.);
  • Contains words, phrases or type of visual which common sense dictates, in the sole discretion of the Directory, should not be broadcast inside an airport facility (e.g. killer, bomb, hijack, terrorist, etc.).

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